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Welcome to P & P Small Engines Inc. We are a registered Central Boiler Dealer.  The Central Boiler Outdoor wood furnace is the standard all others are compared to. When you compare the quality of construction and efficency other brands don't come close.

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CL-5036 Red

The 5036 comes in nine different colors.
23" x 23" door.  Firebox dimensions of 50"x36"x30".     74 sqft of heat transfer area.  196 gallons. 1670 pounds empty.

CL5036 Pricing:   $6500

Limited to instock quantities and colors

*******This is a cash and carry Price******

Central Boiler is the leader in outdoor wood furnaces.
CL-6048 Green
The 6048 comes in nine colors.  23"x31" door. Firebox dimensions of 60"x48"x36".  119 sq/ft of heat transfer area. Weighs 2450 empty.  393 gallons of water.

CL6048 Pricing: $8400

limited to instock quantities and colors

*****cash and carry price****

Central Boiler is the leader in outdoor wood furnaces.
E-Classic 2300
The E-Classic 2400. 23"x29" door.  Firebox dimensions 36"x30"x 41" H. Weighs 2900 empty.  450 Gallons of water.

**This model designed to burn fully seasoned wood**

This is the best performing EPA qualified outdoor wood furnace. 

E2300 Pricing: call*****cash and carry price****

This model qualifies for a $1500 tax credit
The best outdoor boiler derserves the best outdoor piping system.  Why waste btu's heating the ground?  The thermopex pipe is rated at losing only one degree per 100 ft.

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